About Me

I enjoy crafting. It helps keep me sane and I can create things I want. I’ll try just about any project, but there are a few I come back to often.


Most of my sewing projects are related to LARP. I make my own tunics and other costume pieces. I’ve also made a few everyday items.

Cross Stitch

For me, cross stitch is a filler when I need to keep my hands busy. Like doodling in the margin of your notes, it helps me focus. I often cross stitch during meetings.

Knitting and Crochet

I started with crochet and picked up knitting later. Most of what I’ve made at this point has been hats and scarves. I’m making my way up to bigger projects.


I started making chainmail in middle school. My first project (which I still haven’t finished) was an armor shirt where I made each ring with wire from the hardwear store. These says I mostly make jewelry and I buy my rings.